Increased Performance results in better Customer Satisfaction.

Nvizion planned and moved their entire commerce platform to hybrid headless architecture by converting the monolithic approach of current framework to REST APIs which can be integrated in any UI framework. Several new features were implemented in less time like Bulk orders, Quotes, Subscription bundling with a frequent flyer program reducing the cost of implementation.


Croma’s Online Mobile, Desktop & category pages along with category filtering were taking >12 sec to load impacting user experience and funnel drop off.This became a major challenge for Croma along with their high cost of infrastructure. Reliability and availability of website was another problem as they witnessed heavy user traffic & growth on their website.


  • Significant reduction in Cyber attacks month on month
  • Key improvements in time-to-first-byte, page load time, and image delivery
  • Fastest possible image delivery solution to accelerate dynamic content to any device type across all image sizes
  • Improved mobile performance increasing conversions and reducing bounce rates
  • Seamless page-to-page transitions
  • Improved mobile shopping experience to enable scalability and conversions growth

Nitrogen Platform has enabled to provide our customers with a consistent digital experience and managed traffic spikes. Our website showed a good 36% performance gain along with reduced infrastructure costs and better security. Biggest differentiation was the DOM optimization feature that gave a significant boost to our performance. The Human Detection Module gave us a good handle on security as it works not only in binary fashion but has an ability to throttle traffic from different sources.

Ranjit Satyanath CIO (Infiniti Retail Ltd.) Croma