Right Information. right Channel. right Time.

The amount of data at your disposal is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. As applications, systems, channels, and devices that generate customer data continue to increase, your databases are also bursting with new attributes and new data types to capture, track and analyze. Nvizion can help you create Data ecosystem that can be perceived with trust & relationship integrity to fuel actionable insights and decisions.

Our Product Group is led by industry thought leaders and experts in the strategy and execution of implementing business solutions enabled by market leading Product Information Management (PIM) solutions.

We employ right Data Quality Process & Tools along with Business Process Management to achieve greater levels of data quality, governance and product lifecycle automation.

Using Supplier Portal and enriched rule sets and accelereators we ensure rich product information across channels.

  • Product Information Management
  • Data Quality
  • Business Process Management
  • Media Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Rich and Web Interface

High-quality product information gives successful brand owners, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers the advantage they need to grow revenue, increase market share, and keep customers happy. We enable business users to more effectively manage and collaborate on product content to fuel all sales channels with consistent, rich, and accurate product data for an informed and engaging customer experience with Informatica’s MDM-PIM solution.

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We help progressive enterprises streamline and accelerate their end-to-end Product Experience Management (PXM)process delivering rich, relevant and contextualized product content across commerce landscape at every touchpoint along the entire customer journey.

Contenserv PXM solution results in streamlined processes, a faster time-to-market, increased web page conversions and fewer returns.

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In the rapidly moving digital business environment, accurate, timely data is critical to a product’s success. Stibo Systems’ Product Master Data Management (Product MDM) empowers manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and their value chain partners to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with high-quality data and content. This enables them to build competitive advantage by launching the right products, at the right place, at the right time.

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