Decreased Time to Market by moving to Hybrid Headless Architecture.

Nvizion is working for the past six years with this dynamic, innovative, wine-loving company that helps consumers across the international and UK market discover exciting wines that are perfectly suited to their tastes and with all the convenience of home delivery. The client is a specialty retailer for different wine categories of Red, white, rose, sparkling on their websites operational in US, UK, and Australia market.

Direct Wines has grown and evolved tremendously over the years, and Nvizion has been a part of their digital journey all along. We worked with them to articulate a vision that helped create the right digital strategy. We are also involved in executing the strategy with them to create a right digital solution.

In keeping with the current need & time, Nvizion Solutions re-platformed their site moving the commerce platform to “hybrid headless” architecture to streamline their development and business processes, enhancing everything from their user interface, analytic capabilities to development models. This made a direct impact to the company’s bottom line and made their business, marketing, and merchandising team more agile than ever. With this approach, Direct wines was able to deliver the new features and functionalities much faster with reduced level of effort. The dependencies on back end technologies were eliminated and enabled API’s to support future innovation with more efficiency.

As the online needs were growing, several new features were implemented in less time including bulk orders, RFQs( Request for Quote), subscription bundling, improved return process, frequent flyer program and many more that would allow them to have better customer engagement.


Direct wine was looking for a partner that would be able to help them construct a Modern Commerce Platform to support their business needs.They also had a concern about the time it took them to get a business functionality implemented and deployed. Additionally, there were bottlenecks and dependencies in getting these features implemented making it expensive due to the need of full stack developers. The client was looking to increase revenue during the holiday season by introducing new features and improve customer loyalty at the same time.


Increased GoTo Market by reducing the launch time of a feature to 2 weeks from 3 months. The updated architecture is future ready to handle any devices with no backend change required. Code base was unified for both web and mobile. Sales were increased by 8% during the Christmas time through bulk orders and other gifting campaigns.

We at Direct Wines have been focused on providing our online retail customers an engaging and intuitive shopping experience. NVizion has helped us in our approach to design and development to provide an authentic brand experience to our customers. Their team have a deep understanding of the eCommerce domain and expertise in the Oracle eCommerce platform. Their team consists of professionals committed to customer satisfaction. NVizion have contributed in building our API framework which has increased our Go To Market speed. We continue to use their expertise on our roadmap planning for our eCommerce platform. Our relationship grew stronger throughout the engagement in the last eight years and we look forward to continuing to develop this further in the future.

David Ives CIO