No matter whether you are selling B2B or B2C, delivering engaging product experiences is a key success factor for your business. But quite often, product information is incomplete, fragmented, and inconsistent across different applications, siloed systems, business units, or channels. Designed for the enterprise, Informatica MDM-Product 360 helps deliver engaging product experiences and publish trusted, rich and relevant information that closes the sale across channels and digital touchpoints.

Improved productivity and cost reduction

Thanks to streamlined and automated workflows and improved collaboration, some Product 360 customers report that they have tripled the output with the same team or reduced the steps to enrich products online by 60%. Some have significantly fewer email exchanges to share and collect media data and some were able to reduce the workload for data stewards by 50%.

Key Features

Product 360 offers a powerful PIM solution that enables business users to more efficiently acquire, author, and publish product information, anywhere.

User-friendly and results-driven

Provides intuitive and configurable task- and role-based user interfaces that allow easy and efficient collaboration with internal and external data contributors.

Digital asset management

Includes embedded digital asset management with fully automated data processing capabilities to easily handle and centrally manage complex product data and large collections of media assets—regardless of format.

The one for omnichannel

Offers editable channel previews and connects with major systems including HCL Commerce, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Google, Amazon, Intershop Commerce Suite, and more.

Superior supplier collaboration

Offers an embedded self-service portal for supplier onboarding and data uploads as well as the Informatica MDM – Supplier 360 application for superior supplier relationship management.

Only end-to-end MDM solution in the market

Start small and grow fast—in the cloud or on-premises—by mastering other business-critical data, like customers and suppliers, with applications based on Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform.

Exchange product data via data pools

Streamlines and automates the synchronization of product information through data pools, such as the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) within the MDM – Product 360 user interface.

Embedded industry-leading data quality

Comes with embedded, automated quality checks and dashboards to ensure all product data is standardized from the beginning.

The ROI of Product 360

Accelerate your PIM Integrations

Enable companies to exchange standardized and synchronized supply chain data with their trading partners with Product 360 - ECCnet Accelerator

  • Automated data export process
  • Faster integration
  • Enhanced data governance
  • Consistent data across channels
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Flexible exchange adaptor

Features & Customization

Auto Categorization

Auto categorization saves a lot of effort for your merchandizing team. We have accelerator that helps you take vendor product data and quickly and automatically convert it to the enterprise catalog.


We have designed hundreds of business process to data onboard and translation so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Web Customization

We have customized the Web interface to make it rich as well as secure to enable third party teams who may not be able to use the rich thick clients.

Custom REST API’s

Huge off the shelf custom APIs are available to integrate with Media. We use message brokers to achieve custom notification if required.

Media Integration with PIM

Integrated client's media server with Informatica Media Manager and P360 application

Custom Notification

Server-side customization to notify message-broker on data import into PIM from source system