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Kalyan Jewellers and Candere Partners with Nitrogen for Superior Customer Experience

Kalyan Jewellers and Candere Partners with Nitrogen for Superior Customer Experience

Mumbai, India, July2022.

Originally posted in ThePrint.

India’s first online jewellery retailer Candere partnered with N7 – The Nitrogen Platform to accelerate its website and enhance the digital shopping experience for its customers. They Increased website speed by 30%, and conversions by 5%.

Starting in the year 2013, today, Candere is India’s first go-to online destination for all the finest jewellery. Being one of India’s online leading diamond jewellery brands, it provides the best-in-class online jewellery shopping experience at your finger tips from the comfort of your home. They hold a wide range of over 5000+ designs that reflect the style and enhance buyers’ experience with features like Virtual Try-On, One Tap Customization, DGRP, and Digi Gold.

Candere was acquired by Kalyan Jewellers, India’s largest retailer in the year 2017.

Being a reputed player in the online jewellery market, Candere is always at the top of enriching the online customer experience at all touch points. In line with this, they wanted to ensure that their website performance & user experience is not compromised. They were exploring a few platforms and eventually zeroed on N7 – The Nitrogen Platform, one of the top DDoS mitigation platforms and CDN providers for eCommerce websites in India.

Post-pandemic, as the popularity of the website, increased, they reported an increase in malicious traffic to their eCommerce website. A lack of an automated bot management solution was wasting time, draining Candere’s resources, and causing revenue losses as well. With the help of N7 - The Nitrogen Platform's advanced DDoS Protection and WAF module is able to protect Candere against malicious attacks. Technically, their AI-based anomaly detection algorithm addresses situations before they impact the user’s experience.

Additionally, thousands of high resolution images to exhibit their mesmerizing jewellery catalogue resulted in a slow loading website for Candere and N7 – The Nitrogen Platform's AI driven image optimization allowed Candere to accelerate its page load time, improve SEO, enhance user experience and reduce bandwidth costs simultaneously.

Recently, there has been a significant surge in the number of online apparel, accessories, and jewellery retailers investing heavily in the security and e-store experience. Subsequently, eCommerce retailers have been constantly seeking a better alternative to highly expensive foreign dominant players in the CDN and security market, and N7- The Nitrogen Platform has been emerging as the most favorable domestic player owing to its rich experience and suitable pricing.

Rupesh Jain, Founder & CEO of Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, says, “We cater to millions of online jewellery shoppers in India. We were evaluating a few platforms to mitigate DDoS attacks and wanted a simple, easy-to-use solution to it and N7 – The Nitrogen Platform’s DDoS module perfectly suited our requirements. Their experience and in-depth of knowledge were up to the mark”.

For starters, N7 – The NitrogenPlatform is an omni channel website performance optimizing platform developed exclusively for online retailers to enhance speed, scale, and security for their web and mobile applications while saving on infrastructure costs. It seamlessly works with all commerce platforms making its clients' storefront available in peak traffic for any location, device, and platform atZero Installation, Zero Code Change and Zero hardware to buy.

On this occasion, Nitrogen’sCEO Manoj Bubna explains, "We’re excited to uplift Candere’s reach to its customers. Candere has been a trendsetter when it comes to online jewellery shopping and being a premium and luxury brand, it has introduced steps to stay on the top among its peers in terms of ensuring better security, safety and seamless digital experience for its customers with N7 – The Nitrogen Platform.”


About N7 – The Nitrogen Platform

N7 - Nitrogen Platform is a new-age Digital experience and Streaming platform that delivers better digital experiences, drives conversions and increases engagement. It accelerates performance by using predictive caching, 3rd party Java Script Manager and instantaneous rendering of catalog & product pages. With its ultra-fast network and edge computing, the Nitrogen platform is used by its globally located customers to provide accelerated content delivery, supreme quality video, advanced security & hyper-personalized experiences. It also includes a real digital experience monitor that provides an unprecedented level of insight into user interactions and server-side application transactions. For enquiries, visit -

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