Customer Journey Transformation across 39 locales.

Nvizion rearchitected their content management system and templatized the content. We created a Roadmap that provided more flexibility and control to business users to manage full catalog in one place. Implemented customized workflows for multiple user roles and promotion customizations were for partner employees. Minimized memory leaks and reduced the load on application server enabling faster page loads and a fantastic user experience.


The challenge was to scale the application to support 39 locales. Restarts, Performance issues and downtime were regular features that needed attention. Additionally, they wanted to upgrade their oracle commerce platform to enable better management by business users and deliver a nicer end user experience.


Our client realized ~60% web performance gains and the system now can handle 3x more users. Automated workflows improved productivity & gave better control of the content. Ability to create a quick sister sites is being used effectively by Marketing team to created tailored solution for user segment