Product Catalog efficiency to achieve online metrics

PUMA is one of the world’s most visible and enduring sports brands. PUMA produces thousands of products each season and sells them in 120 countries through wholesale partners, e-commerce, and retail stores. With such a large and diverse global footprint, PUMA’s business growth was often driven at the local level, with regional managers and teams operating independently. As a result, product information was managed in many siloed systems. No central source of product information was available to feed e-commerce systems, leading to inconsistencies in how products were presented and sold to customers in different markets.

Led and completed an end-to-end implementation of a scalable new P360 architecture with highly optimized performance using sizing calculator. Hotfolder configuration was implemented to automate the import process and sequence. Customized MAM solution and automated product categorization via DQ rules and structure features. For data cleansing, we configured daily and weekly server jobs.


Implement and move the hosted solution on MDM Product 360 to Germany with a new interface for onboarding data. There was a need to cleanse, consolidate and standardize its Product Master Data. They also wanted to manage region specific media information, size measurements and product categorization in P360.


Reduced manual effort and the amount of time spent for product categorization, updates and complex measurement calculation. The MAM solution enabled automatic previews (realtime) and exportable media URL’s

Nvizion Solutions has an excellent PIM implementation capability and a customer first model. We have been working with them for the last five years and they have helped us extend the application for our growing needs. They added many new features to the application as they have good product & domain knowledge. We have been very happy & I would highly recommend their Data Practice.