SAP Commerce Cloud (hybris)

Today’s customers demand consistent, contextualized experience across devices & journeys. To remain competitive, organizations need a modern platform with comprehensive commerce features to deliver with a faster go to market in an agile environment.

Delivering End-End Customer Experiences with SAP C/4 HANA

Todays connected consumers create a challenge for brands demanding consistent, contextualized experience that follows them at every point of their journey, be it web, mobile, call center, in-store, tablet, social and so on. To remain competitive in today’s consumer driven business, organizations must adapt to changing consumer behaviours, and deliver an agile, personalized experience across channels and emerging touchpoints.

Global leader

SAP Commerce Cloud, earlier called Hybris, is a world leader that helps you engage your customers on any device. The extensible, modular architecture provides a solid foundation for developing relevant and personalized experiences that keep your customers coming back. SAP Commerce organizes data like product information to be propagated using multiple communication channels consistently and efficiently. This enables businesses to sell products across various distribution channels. SAP Commerce is a leading platform & has more than 10000 installations worldwide.

It caters to the unique needs and desires of every customer by delivering personalized experiences from acquisition through retention, unifying all touchpoints (online, mobile, POS, call center, social, print) on a global scale. Being best-in-class eCommerce product, it is designed to engage and transact with your customers across digital and physical touchpoints. Along with SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions, it comprises an integral system for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management.

Nvizion has been pertinently building commerce solutions for global businesses with strong capability in configuring and customizing SAP commerce. We will help you formulate your strategy, design, and grow, and make sense of the multitude of products and options available. As Digital Commerce experts, we will architect best solutions that are adaptable and scalable and work with you to plan and design great customer experiences.

Accelerate your Digital journey with Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is a complete ecommerce solution that supports B2c, B2B & B2B2C verticals. It is part of the larger SAP Customer Experience (CX) Suite. Commerce cloud is further extended by WMS, DOM, PIM & CSM embedded modules & has native integrations to SAP ERP, CPQ & S/4 Solutions. Along with its broad array of commerce features, this makes it a leader in its class and provides a faster go to market.

The value proposition of digital commerce in the cloud has always been to improve operational efficiency, quick time to market, scale on-demand to meet customer needs, and minimize downtime. Nvizion has extensive experience and has worked with global organizations to help them jumpstart their journey from SAP commerce On-Prem to the cloud in weeks. While SAP Commerce cloud is an excellent offering and has several benefits, migrating to it requires you to understand key architectural trade-offs. We can help you assess, evaluate, and make this decision.

Know how we can help you Migrate to SAP Commerce Cloud


SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Faster ROI due to inbuilt integrations.
  • Leverage Industry specific capabilities.
  • Exceed expectations with built in flexibility.

SAP Sales Cloud

  • For Business Process
  • Territory and Quota
  • Commissions Quick Start

SAP Service Cloud

  • True omnichannel support in a single cloud offering
  • 24/7 customer service with chatbots, knowledge bases and communities
  • Motivates agents by “gamifying” contact centers
  • Harmonizes front office engagements and back office processes

SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • Create Seamless Customer experiences and onboarding
  • Eliminate Data Silos for better contextual marketing
  • Provide the privacy and trust that customer demands

SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Segmentation
  • Acquisition
  • Planning & Insight
  • Loyalty

SAP Customer identity & Access Management Cloud

  • Optimize B2B value networks
  • Build trusted customer & partner relationships
  • Strengthen customer trust in the era of GDPR, CCPA & beyond

Extensive Integration Experience

We use our deep knowledge of the SAP CX to concentrate on every facet of your commerce technology, matching specific features to platform capabilities, delivering strong integrations with third-party applications (CRM, CMS, OMS, ERP and industry add-ons), and supporting scalability, performance optimization and flexibility.


Benefit from our Experience

We are SAP Partners, and we accelerate the growth of your ecommerce through exceptional digital experience by building modern cloud architecture and deploying agile methodology. Nvizion focuses on the customer and the interactions that drive results for the clients’ businesses. Nvizion has helped companies transform legacy applications and business practices and adopt leading digital platforms resulting in increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Our unique delivery model and set of accelerators help deliver a complete digital commerce platform in less than 100 days from the concept. Built on top of SAP commerce accelerators, it is a unique template driven, process-oriented solution rapidly deployed within a contained scope.


  • Tier based loyalty
  • Redemption catalog
  • Voucher Redemption
  • Return Products for Loyalty
  • Points Accumulation
  • Loyalty Checkout
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  • Search-engine-friendly URLs for site pages
  • SEO optimized menu/navigation
  • SEO optimized 404 page
  • Geo-targeting for Customer identity
  • Improved consent management for cookies and organization
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Architecture Tuning

  • Cache Strategies
  • Data Modeling
  • Performance Tuning
  • Integration Design
  • Database Performance
  • Benchmarking
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Third Party Integrations

  • Narvar
  • Marketo
  • Rich Relevance
  • Sitecore
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • HubSpot
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Data Management- PIM & CPI

  • PIM integration via datahub
  • CPI support at runtime
  • Internationalization/Localization support
  • Ready to use adaptable data models
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Seamless Front Head - Hydra

  • Unified Codebase
  • Faster Go-To Market
  • Fit for purpose technology stack
  • SEO Optimization
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Nitrogen Digital Experience Platform on SAP CX

Optimize for every device

AI driven optimization that adapts to end-user device and network.

Third Party script Accelerator

Analyze, control and sequence the 3rd parties and loading of all web elements

Instant Commerce Pages

Instantaneous rendering of Catalog & Product detail, filtering, compare, search pages etc. for any location, device, browser and platform.

Integration with PIM

Oracle & SAP Commerce Cloud integration with PIM/EAI Data exchange adaptor

Predictive Personalized Navigation

Predictively cache pages for your user to provide a better user experience.

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Marketplace Extension on SAP Commerce

Grow your Revenue with your own Marketplace

Scale your online store and launch a Marketplace quickly by extending your SAP commerce platform with our marketplace extension. Our library of addons & best practices will enable you to jumpstart your marketplace implementation and expedite your time-to-market. We have also built accelerators for most commerce platforms that are modular and easy to integrate & reduce your cost simultaneously. With most of the integration effort already done by us, we empower businesses focus on marketplace strategy rather than the integration effort.

  • Fully Integrated Solution
  • Simplified Catalog integration & Management
  • Scaled Control
  • Easy seller onboarding
  • Distributed order management
Launch your Marketplace in 30 days  

MeQue - Integrated Virtual Appointment Scheduling & Remote Queuing

This pandemic has been a challenging time for many industries. To make it easier to adapt in the current situation and to prepare for post pandemic world, we have created a solution “MeQue” integrated with SAP commerce.

MeQue empowers your customers to plan their store visits in advance, offer in-store or curbside pickup or to join a queue remotely from anywhere instead of standing in long lines outside the store. It allows you to send real-time alerts on the go to let your customers arrive just-in-time providing a happier, safer, and stress-free experience.

The predictive occupancy analytics enables the retailers to better predict, plan and equip their staff to handle workload for increased productivity. With this simple and innovative solution, make your customer journeys more efficient creating a positive experience for both customers and the employees resulting in increased revenue, efficiency and customer loyalty.

Key Features

  • Reduce on-site wait times
  • Reduce walkaways
  • Predict & Plan for better in-store experience
  • Send live alerts on the go
  • Gain valuable customer insights