Stibo Systems’ Product MDM enables you to create a single, centralized version of the truth for product data and content, and to share it with confidence and transparency with your customers and value chain partners. Product MDM also provides the necessary data governance to maintain compliance and integrity, drive operational efficiency and create data-driven competitive advantage.

Drive Brand Experience, Innovation and Growth

Go beyond product information management (PIM) to deliver transparency, digital transformation, data-driven insight and growth.

Enhanced experiences

Consistent, accurate data powers engaging customer experiences

Data/brand transparency and trust

High-quality data and content fuels confidence and loyalty with trading partners and customers

Optimized performance

Increase upsell/cross-sell and drive efficiency, growth and time to value

Faster time-to-market

Launch and onboard new, on-trend products faster leveraging automated workflows

Reduced risk

Ensure compliance and governance and eliminate error prone manual processes

Improved communication

Eliminate barriers internally and with partners to fuel efficient collaboration

Turn product data into competitive advantage

Product master data management is a strategic approach to acquiring, managing and sharing product information and content across the value chain. It provides a centralized, end-to-end solution to organize, categorize, localize, synchronize and enrich product data to achieve business goals and objectives.

The goal is to cleanse and centralize product data and content to feed consistent, accurate information across all channels. Enabling companies to get the right products to the right places, at the right price and the right time.

A platform for digital transformation and growth

Product MDM empowers organizations to accelerate operations, and deliver superior insights and experiences

Identify, link and source data from a variety of internal and external sources
Optimize digital assets for marketing efficiency with DAM, ML and deduction
Integrate product data across touchpoints and synchronize with system of record
Confirm to industry standards for agility across borders, systems and markets
Manage, Model and govern via workflows and rules, creating a single source of truth
Share, syndicate or onboard data to all stakeholders across multiple channels
Maintain and enrich content quality to drive audience engagement everywhere
Print publishing integration to drive both digital/traditional channels and content