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Digital Commerce and Content

Hydra - Multi Device Frontend for Headless Commerce and Content

With Hydra, you just need one frontend to rule all devices and formats. Connect seamlessly with the headless commerce services from Hybris. You have a unified codebase, faster go-to-market, fit for purpose technology stack and your website is optimized for SEO and user experience.

Desktop, Mobile, Android, iOS

Cross device with single database

Flexible Skin Architecture

Simply all plumbing included, bring-your-own-skin.

Instant Product Catalog

Super fast product search, filters and detail views

API Extension Framework

A secure and scalable platform with API orchestration, loose coupling with vendor APIs with front-end, reduces tie-in to vendor APIs.

Global Premium Application Delivery

Elevates the latency due to limited third party API endpoints

Enhanced Security Layer

Fully managed security designed from the ground-up for the modern commerce graphQL based systems