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MeQue - Integrated Virtual Appointment Scheduling & Remote Queuing

The predictive occupancy analytics enables the retailers to better predict, plan and equip their staff to handle workload for increased productivity. With this simple and innovative solution, make your customer journeys more efficient creating a positive experience for both customers and the employees resulting in increased revenue, efficiency, and customer loyalty.

Appointment Scheduling

Give your customers an easy, flexible and interactive appointment scheduling through any channel. Provide automated notifications & 2-way communication to avoid any onsite wait times. Ease your customer management and improve service quality.

Remote Queuing

Make customer journeys more efficient by eliminating lines & speed up transactions. Enable your customers to join the queue from any location and get real time alerts on their wait time and position wherever they are. You can predict and plan better to focus on customer needs.

BOPIS (Click & Collect)

There is a massive increase in shoppers who prefer BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store. So retailers want to offer a frictionless experience across the board and ensuring happy customers. MeQue  technology enables businesses to simplify BOPIS with its technology that enables a seamless process of virtual check-ins, scheduling, notifications, arrival tracking, queue management with customers not having to stand in the line.

Curbside Pickup

MeQue curbside pickup solution provides an easy, safe and contactless way for customers to collect their orders without going into the store. It digitizes and streamlines the curbside pickup process enabling customers to choose a precise time for their order pickup, check-in when they arrive and stay updated with real time notifications.