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London Based Luxury Indian Fashion Retailer, Aashni and Co Increases Website Conversions by 4%



Aashni and Co

Aashni & Co is an Online and London-based destination for a curated edit of luxury Indian fashion. With a collection from over 400 designers from all over India, Aashni & Co is a one-stop address for all your wardrobe needs ranging from Indian designer clothes to accessories online.

The Challenge

Aashni & Co has seen a direct correlation between website performance and sales. And hence, they wanted to improve their website speed, and thus enhance the customer experience, leading to more conversions. One major challenge was that the 3rd party scripts were slowing down the website, affecting the website performance.

The Solution

N7’s AI driven Image Optimization (AIO) helped optimize the product images throughout the website, thus enabling the customers to stay more engaged on the website. Third-Party Java Script Accelerator analyzes, controls and sequences the 3rd parties thus resulting in a faster website.

The Benefits

Aashni & Co deployed Nitrogen across its website pages. This has resulted in 40% increase in website speed and 4% increase in conversions.
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