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US-based Essential Oils Retailer saw a web performance improvement of 100%




Doterra is a multi-level marketing company and online retailer based in the United States that sells essential oils and other related products. Along with US headquarters, they have offices in Taiwan, Japan, Europe, and Australia.

The Challenge

Quick TTM for Catalog, price, features, and content and launch the site in 3 months. Additionally, they wanted to improve operational efficiency & application performance along with boosting sales and reducing abandoned carts.

The Solution

End-to-End multi-geo, multilingual B2C site on Hybris v6.2. They implemented easy checkout and guest checkout and provided more control to business users for promotion, coupons, catalog, pricing, and content. Order cancel functionality and security features were implemented with a unified code base across mobile and web and completed promotion and new content deployment. Enhanced user experience via rich, personalized content. 360 care was provided that included proactive support and 24*7 Reactive support.

The Benefits

1st release GTM in 100 days. Catalog & price load cycle reduced from 5 days to 1 day. Web application performance improved by ~100%, and customer satisfaction increased by 8%. Eased administration for Business Users and reduced abandoned carts by 16%.
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