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Hopscotch enhances shopping experience and boosts conversions by 5%




Hopscotch is India's largest online kids’ fashion brand. It is a curated store featuring a variety of international and local branded merchandise for kids, mom and home. They curate the most fashionable and on-trend head-to-toe looks for every kid, every occasion and every moment of childhood.

The Challenge

Being a customer-centric company, Hopscotch aims to provide a smooth online shopping experience for parents who want to buy curated stuff for their kids. The challenge faced by Hopscotch was that they saw a huge drop off during the order checkout period. By partnering with Nitrogen, they aimed to reduce the drop-offs and increase sales and boost customer satisfaction by allowing users to browse and shop online with ease. 

The Solution

Nitrogen's AI-driven image optimization allows Hopscotch to reduce image sizes, improve quality, and accelerate page load speed as customers scroll through product pages. Nitrogen defended Hopscotch against many malicious attacks and bad bots, ensuring that parents can enjoy shopping for their young ones without interruptions in connectivity or drops in speed with N7's advanced DDoS Protection and WAF module.

The Benefits

Hopscotch now offers its shoppers a better and smoother user experience by shielding its online platform from incoming attacks without compromising the speed and reliability of its services. They saw a 30% increase in website speed thus prioritizing seamless shopping experience. This also increased the conversions by 5%. The page loads faster using Nitrogen’s AI driven image optimization thus optimizing images on the fly and reducing infrastructure cost by 20%.
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