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Data Migration from Legacy Systems to commercetools

What’s in store for you in this whitepaper?

Our whitepaper delves into the crucial realm of Product Modelling, a fundamental aspect of modern commerce solutions. This document explores the first steps in defining logical data models, examines product modelling examples, and provides insights into best practices. We also introduce the concept of Concept Choice Consequences (CCC) as a critical approach for efficient product modeling. Also, we outline the process for exporting and mapping products within the commercetools platform and present a solution that is recommended for a seamless transition from legacy systems to the digital world.

Key Takeaways

  • First step in Product Modelling

  • Example Of Product Modelling- electronics product catalog

  • What is CCC

  • Best practices for Product Data Modelling

  • How to Export and Map Products in commercetools?

  • Recommended solution


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