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You no longer need to settle for an all-in-one monolithic CMS or invest in a tech-heavy pure play headless CMS solution that lacks scalability or ease of use capabilities. A hybrid CMS is the next generation of content management, enabling you to deliver inspiring, connected digital experiences that enable you to turn your customers into lifelong fans.


Key Features

Content as a Service is a dynamic solution to content management, making structured content available for other apps, websites and IoT devices to consume. CaaS is the simplest way to deliver content with the speed and consistency needed to satisfy customers on their channel of choice, at any time.

Content Personalization

Assemble content continuously. You get greater flexibility and speed of deployment because you can personalize content as you need it.

Achieve Faster Time to Market

Add new channels at lightning speed with the elimination of traditional, time-consuming integrations. Simply access content from the CaaS server and pull it where you want it to go.

Higher Content Quality

The most current content will always be presented regardless of channel – improving the quality and consistency of your content.

Agile Content Management

CaaS reduces digital complexity and makes managing your omnichannel digital strategy radically simpler.

Omnichannel Capabilities

CaaS separates the content into fragments like text, images, and videos that are available to be consumed at any time. This allows for greater speed and increased revenue since there is no additional implementation needed and content can be reused indefinitely.

Design Engaging Digital Experiences

Separating content from presentation allows you to design and customize perfect customer experiences for each unique channel, ensuring engaging end-to-end customer journeys.


Agility Enabled By The FirstSpirit Hybrid CMS

Create & Manage Multi-Channel Content

You need to do this just once and then you can use the content everywhere with FirstSpirit’s content management system.

Unleash The Power Of Frontend Developers

Create the most inspiring experiences using the latest devices and programming languages such as React and Angular. (e.g., for Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).

Empower Non-Technical Teams

Allow teams to preview and edit content in-context with Omnichannel Manager including an on demand UI for any channel or front-end.

Analyze, Personalize & Optimize

This can be done for multi-channel content using FirstSpirit’s AI-powered personalization SaaS.

Deliver Synchronized Content In Milliseconds

To any channel (website, mobile, portal, digital sign, email, social network, IoT, etc.) in context and in real time.

Acclerate with Nvizion Solutions

Nvizion Retail accelerators are a super starter for any modern commerce initiative. Enhance your user experience by maintaining product uniformity, delivering instant product search results, creating a secure and scalable platform with API orchestration and having tons of back-end functionality like Loyalty, Subscription, SEO, etc.

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