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Shoppers Stop reduces server infrastructure cost by 20%

The benefits of Nitrogen platform go beyond performance optimization. The platform has all the levers to increase performance at the network, caching & the application layer. What sets them apart is their ability to control the slowness coming from third-party scripts. Our server infrastructure cost reduced by 20% because of granular and multi-tiered caching employed by them. The platform also provided a significant boost to the user experience as their commerce module provided instantaneous catalog filtering & helped our customers find the products quicker. Their security platform has mitigated DDoS attacks, and their Human detection module gave us the captcha feature without introducing the captcha form, which was a delight from a user experience perspective. As Shoppers Stop continues to grow, we know we’re in a really good place with Nitrogen.
Head Omnichannel


Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop is an Indian retail giant with 86 stores across 40 cities in India with clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, jewelry, fragrances, cosmetics, health and beauty products, home furnishing and decor products.

The Challenge

Shoppers stop experienced slow performance on their desktop application because of personalization, dynamic elements and other third-party requests. They wanted to improve the performance and innovate the user’s digital experience while shopping.

The Solution

Nitrogen platform strengthened security and customer trust delivering an innovative and seamless user experience. Nitrogen manages the third-party scripts called from the page, instantly renders the product and catalog pages through instant product catalog feature and predictive caching to improve the speed and user experience. The platform manages the surge in traffic during peak seasons maximizing sales and also helped increase organization’s operational efficiencies and agility. The security module protect their site from incoming threats like malicious requests and volumetric DDoS attacks without any increase in latency or degradation in user experience.

The Benefits

Every page element within Shoppers stop web application was instantly accelerated thus increasing website speed by 25%. The application was scaled up to handle high volume of traffic and hence the uplift in conversion. Plug n play solution that requires no additional infrastructure for peak season.
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