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Tata Capital site speeds up by 40% and enhances security with managed WAF

Tata Capital is growing rapidly, and website performance and security were the primary concerns. Poor site performance impacted user experience, resulting in a huge dropoff. Image optimization and progressively rendering the page has helped us improve site performance and loading speed. Also, defending us from the vast number of DDoS attacks, our customers do not experience interruptions in their connectivity or drops in speed. The partnership with Nitrogen has helped us serve our customers much better and resulted in more conversions.
Chief Technology Officer


Tata Capital

Tata Capital Limited is a leading financial and investment service provider in India. The company is based in Mumbai and has more than 100 branches across the country. The firm offers consumer loans, wealth management, commercial finance, and infrastructure finance, among others.

The Challenge

Homepage was taking more than 13 sec and loan pages were taking more than 16 sec to load on mobile device impacting user experience and drop in overall SEO ranking. Another challenge was on security and infrastructure, where the servers were overloaded due to huge malicious calls specially during the campaigns.

The Solution

Nitrogen optimizes the page performance by correcting the DOM structure, image optimization, progressively rendering the page and provided granular page caching. Page score and user experience improved by correctly prioritizing the immediate visible sections on the page and managing the third-party scripts from the page. Nitrogen managed WAF module provides DDoS mitigation, Origin Shield & protection from hacking attempts. It reduces enormous calls reaching out to origin servers and improves the server response as well.

The Benefits

Large-contentful-paint (LCP)and Speed-index (SI) resulting in improved performance score with better SEO ranking thus increasing the website speed by 40%. Significant performance gain, improved user experience resulting in 5% increase in conversion. Nitrogen WAF protected origin server and hence improved the server performance and reduced infrastructure cost by 20%.
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