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Online B2B Channel digital platform launched for Almarai

Nvizion helped us create a multi-channel commerce roadmap and then implemented an end-to-end commerce portal using SAP Commerce Cloud. As a result, our customers can easily place the orders on their own without sales assistance. This has enhanced our buyer experience by creating customized portfolios and pricing based on customer loyalty.
Business Account Manager



Saudi-based conglomerate specializes in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution. The company's main offices are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Challenge

Almarai was looking to introduce a new online sales channel to increase productivity & efficiency. At present, its executives use handhelds and take local in-person orders to be fulfilled by Almarai distribution system. A B2B Online portal and Mobile app for ordering and managing products would be required that can be the central point for all the orders coming from various channels. This will allow their customers to place orders without any offline assistance easily. Along with it, the system should be capable of personalizing the content & prices including rewarding with a flexible loyalty program.

The Solution

Nvizion designed a scalable and robust commerce web & mobile channel on SAP Commerce Cloud 1808. We managed the complete product catalog, ordering, promotions, customer management supporting multiple languages and currencies in 6 countries. The legacy ERP system was integrated into SAP commerce via Informatica PIM. The datahub flow was customized to accept data in the format that the legacy system understands and convert it to SAP commerce format. Customized portfolio and pricing for every customer is managed based on loyalty with the client. Customization of complete promotion engine flows to have recurring promotions and range promotions available for the customers.

The Benefits

Highly scalable modern digital commerce platform with comprehensive B2B features & B2C features. Conceptualized and implemented the Loyalty program in SAP Marketing Cloud providing a tiered loyalty structure with features like reward encashments and addition of rewards as payment. A whole new drive-through “Pick up in-store” feature was implemented with their integrated stores.
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