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Balsam enjoys 5% increase in conversions due to improved performance and availability

Nvizion Solutions enables us to serve our customers smoothly, even during a traffic spike in the holiday season. We noticed a dip in conversions with the increase in website traffic. This traffic spike was causing our site to crash. Fast forward to today, and we can handle 2X more users ensuring flawless performance even during the holiday season. Thus, by optimizing the customer experience, we have seen a 5% increase in conversions and hence our revenues. Nvizion is backed by an expert team, which first evaluates your current problems, and then with the help of the right technologies, helps you to boost your website performance. Throughout our journey with Nvizion, their support has always been prompt and reliable.
Hazlitt Noronha



Balsam Brands is a multi-brand E-Commerce retailer with roots in holiday and home décor. They use the latest technology and highest-quality craftsmanship to create stunningly realistic Christmas trees you’ll love.

The Challenge

Peak traffic during the holiday season resulting in site crash & hence loss in conversion. Lot of manual effort to get the order issue details related to the order alerts/notifications and manual server restarts in case of node failure. Product Catalog Management with Go-To-Market was time around 4 hours.

The Solution

Evaluated the existing platform and rearchitected the platform to handle 2X more users ensuring flawless performance even during holiday traffic spikes. Reduced the product catalog publish times to 10 min from 4 hours. Optimized the database to reduce the page load time directly impacting infrastructure costs and scalability. Optimized application server rand Java core performance for speed and scale. Customization on ASM storefront with several new features like Session timeout pop ups and ability for multiple agents to log in and many more.

The Benefits

During the holiday season, we observed 5% uplift in conversions due to improved performance and availability. In addition, the site can now accept twice the volume of traffic without performance degradation. Huge amount of manual work is reduced and increased operational efficiency by 80% through detailed order alerts and automatic restarts in case of node failures.
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