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Aza Fashions's website performance increased by 40% using Nitrogen



Aza Fashions

Aza curates the finest in Indian fashion and represents the pinnacle of modern luxury and service. Founded in 2005, Aza has become a leading fashion authority in India. They are committed to delivering an extraordinary shopping experience. Aza clients enjoy personalized attention from trained fashion consultants who help select and style each outfit.

The Challenge

Aza aims to create a better shopping experience for customers on its e-commerce website. One major challenge faced by Aza was they wanted to load image-heavy pages quickly even in remote areas and keep infrastructure costs down. They wanted to tap the website traffic during the peak shopping season and increase conversions.

The Solution

Nitrogen's AI-driven image optimization allows Aza to reduce image sizes, improve quality, and speed up application delivery, reducing load times as customers scroll through product pages. With the help of Product Recommendations, Nitrogen recommends products based on the previous interactions of the customer.

The Benefits

The company’s web and mobile performance has increased by 40%, which has significantly reduced traffic costs and enhanced the shopping experience of its users and there has been a decrease in load time. By enhancing the shopping experience, the conversions have increased by 4%Now, they are prepared for the peak season to reach out to new customers with a focus on meeting customer needs.
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