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Customer Story

Nitrogen Recommendation helps PureFormulas upsell & grow online sales.

Nvizion Solutions enabled us to remain competitive, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue growth by creating a personalized recommendation engine. In addition, Nvizion created an inspiring shopping experience for our customers, reducing calls to customer service and reducing time to place an order making it easier for them to engage with us online. They created a reporting dashboard that helped businesses leverage customer statistics for better planning. With their technology, functional expertise, & tremendous experience on Oracle Commerce, several features including subscriptions, renewals, express checkout, Rewards and Enhanced Endeca search were implemented along with numerous custom backend integrations and CSC customizations. As a result, we observed a 15% increase in AOV and a 25% increase in CSAT. Nvizion provided our technology, merchandising, and marketing teams the foundation they need to continue to grow our business. Nvizion is a strong partner for our digital strategy.
Director of Technology



PureFormulas is a leader in the online health and supplement space. They specialize in offering their customers GMP certified quality products, including nutritional supplements and organic foods, as well as beauty, sports nutrition, and pet products. PureFormulas provide a secure and friendly online experience with more than 40,000 products. Their mission is to offer the best quality products to help people lead a pure, happy life.

The Challenge

PureFormulas was looking for a strategic partner who could lead their way through the digital transformation journey and help them excel in the online space in the industry. Their main challenge was to increase conversions and reduce abandoned carts. PureFormulas also wanted to increase customer loyalty and engage users during their buying journey.

The Solution

We strategized and implemented a personalization solution to create an experience that makes PureFormulas customer feel truly recognized. Multi-device ecommerce personalization platform, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning was implemented to collect valuable data in real time and understand how users are interacting with PureFormulas across all channels. Understanding their business objectives, Nvizion has helped them achieve their goal metrics for revenue, conversion rate, bounce rate, cart abandonment and average order value.

The Benefits

While customers received the benefits of more cohesive and personalized experience, we delivered value to the health and wellness retailer as a result of customers being recognized through their shopping journey. There is an increase in trust and loyalty as observed with a significant increase in online orders by almost 6% and an increased AOV of more than 10%. Relevant product and content, and hyper relevant marketing during the buying journey dramatically increased the engagement and repeat buyers resulting in higher CSAT by 18%.