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Bouwmaat Enhanced User Experience by Upgrading to PIM 10




Founded in 1986, Bouwmaat is a Dutch building materials wholesaler, founded by builders, for builders. With a national network of branches, a web shop and an app; catering over 13,500 online products ranging from building material, construction, wood, electric, heating, plumbing, tools, hardware, paint and kitchens etc.

The Challenge

Bouwmaat wanted to upgrade its PIM system. It uses P360 for maintaining Article/Product data and media assets. Data Quality, Suppliers and supplier catalogs, queries, tasks, assortments, unit data etc. are part of their PIM. Also, have a few customizations such as custom item no etc. Which needs to be considered during upgrade as well. They are also maintaining data for different countries/languages.

The Solution

Nvizion Solutions used PIM 360 to facilitate in accommodating all the requirements under a single solution. We successfully upgraded their PIM system. We provide consultation on couple of technical issues including PIM functionalities, media management, exports, unit systems etc.

The Benefits

PIM got upgraded to version 10 which has improved their user experience. PIM10 comes with enhancements at platform level and enterprise level as well which benefits Bouwmaat. Parallel export execution reduces the runtime. Focusing more on Message Queue driven communications. Enhanced batching mechanism for faster data quality execution Enhanced Unit System management. RepoEdit and Repository management. New Product360 view. Improved Caching mechanism for faster server startup and client launch Improved Article no. generation logic; manual creation or creation through import.
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