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Customer Story automated workflows using PIM

We are thrilled with the partnership with Nvizion as it has driven positive results for our business. They led many workshops and meetings to understand our challenges and requirements and develop the best PIM solution. They improved the stability of PIM export for 1 million items from more than 9 hours to 6 hours process completion. For Filter management, the business logic is automated, thus reducing the manual effort and tremendous burden on our team. The Nvizion team is very knowledgeable and helpful. They have resolved our data management issues significantly, thus allowing us to focus on other value-adding aspects of our business.
Chief Information Officer


Goods is an online platform connecting products and customers. This has hundreds of thousands of products from 2000 online stores in the catalogs of electronic and household appliances, household goods, construction, repair etc.

The Challenge

Their main challenge was stability and exports from PIM and imports including media report. Managing mapping from the master-hierarchy to the web-hierarchy was another area of difficulty along with filter management for the web hierarchy.

The Solution

Nvizion conducted workshops and focus interviews to understand business requirements and the existing challenges of the business. Upgraded PIM and improved the performance by changing the JVM parameters at both Server and Client side. Database optimization was done creating indices which are typically used for selecting data. Upgraded Media Manager version to improve the performance of Media Import to PIM.

The Benefits

Improved the stability of PIM export from more than 9 hours to 6 hours process completion. Automated the process of mapping and reduced the manual effort to a great extent for filter management.