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With Nitrogen N7, Kalyan Jewellers’ Online portal Candere sees 5% revenue jump in just 6 weeks




Since its inception in 2013, Candere, an ecommerce portal by India’s largest Jewellery retailer Kalyan Jewellers has grown in length and breadth to owning a catalogue of 8000+ diamond jewellery as well as gold jewellery products and a steadily increasing list of valued customers in India and across the world. They hope to provide users with an experience that leaves no gap between the worlds of online shopping and retail.

The Challenge

High resolution images to show their amazing jewellery catalogue resulted in a slow loading website for Candere, its flagship online ecommerce portal. They concluded that website load speed was having a direct impact on conversions and were looking for the right strategy to improve their site speed across all devices. And as the popularity of the website increased, they saw an upsurge in malicious traffic to the ecommerce website. A lack of an automated bot management solution was wasting time, draining Candere’s resources, and causing revenue losses as well.

The Solution

Nitrogen's AI-driven image optimization allows Candere to accelerate its page load time, improve SEO, enhance user experience and reduce bandwidth costs. With the help of Nitrogen N7's advanced DDoS Protection and WAF module, Nitrogen can protect Candere against malicious attacks. Our AI based anomaly detection algorithm addresses situations before they impact user’s experience.

The Benefits

Nvizion helped Candere’s website not only look great but also drive revenue growth by providing an exceptional and intuitive user experience; working seamlessly to guide customers along a natural path to purchase. They are seeing a significant improvement in site performance and business metrics. Candere observed an increase in revenue by 5% in just the first 6 weeks. Nitrogen offers shoppers an exceptional user experience & guides customers along a natural path to purchase thus helping the CSAT increase by 25%. Candere accelerates page load speed using Nitrogen N7’s AI driven image optimization thus optimizing images on the fly and reducing infrastructure cost by 20%.
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