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Plantronics Transformed The Customer Journey Across 39 Locales

Online user experience directly influences adoption and abandonment metrics. Restarts, performance issues, and regular downtime affected our customer’s experience. We required a high-performance platform that allows us to scale and support our 39 locales and is reliable. Nvizion helped us achieve our goals by implementing Nitrogen on our commerce platform. We saw a 60% increase in web performance, and the system was more scalable and able to handle 4x users, resulting in a tremendous increase in customer satisfaction. Automated workflows have improved productivity, and we can manage the content more easily. With Nitrogen, Plantronics site uptime is 99.9%, reducing the number of servers from 6 to 3 while delivering a sublime user experience. We can now support a massive increase in website traffic which would not have been possible without Nvizion.
Systems Director



Poly formerly called Plantronics is an American electronics company producing audio communications equipment for business and consumers. Its products support unified communications, mobile use, gaming and music. Poly delivers innovative technology and integrated solutions that deepen people’s collaboration experience and allow them to simply communicate.

The Challenge

The challenge was to scale the application to support 39 locales. Restarts, Performance issues and downtime were regular features that needed attention. They needed a roadmap that provided more flexibility and control to business users to manage full catalog in one place. They wanted to implement multiple user roles and promotion customizations for partner employees.

The Solution

Nvizion improved their ability to manage content-driven commerce experiences at scale by engaging product content and relevant commerce experience. The existing content and applications were made centrally available breaking up content silos. This made the content creation 4x more efficient and speed to market was 3x faster to update content on site. Nitrogen improved the page load time and rendered the pages in sub seconds, which was far faster and provided a consistent user experience resulting in improved conversions, customer retention at reduced cost of ownership.

The Benefits

Our client realized ~60% web performance gains and the system now can handle 4x more users. Automated workflows improved productivity & gave better control of the content. Ability to create quick sister sites is being used effectively by Marketing team to create tailored solution for user segment. With Nitrogen, Plantronics site uptime is 99.9% reducing number of servers from 6 to 3 and cores reduction from 20 to 12 while delivering a sublime user experience.