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Basics Decreased time to market through PIM Customizations

Nvizion Solutions has allowed us to successfully upgrade our PIM system on two occasions since 2013. There are many digital commerce solution providers who have the knowledge and skills to get the job done, but what sets NVizion apart is working with them is a true business partnership. Their staff goes out of their way to not only complete the work as scheduled, but also continue to troubleshoot and resolve issues as they arise. Nvizion’s business model puts the customer first, something you can’t always find.
Kerry Cosgrove
Manager - Marketing & Database



Basics is Canada’s largest network of independent office Supply dealers. They partner with the biggest and the best in Canada and internationally to provide their customers with a vast selection of products. Brand names such as Swingline, Duracell, Bankers Box, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Avery, Post-It, Scotch, Paper Mate and hundreds more. Their industry expertise and locally owned and operated locations ensure unmatched flexibility to meet unique business needs.

The Challenge

Basics faced significant challenges in their data management processes. Manual data input and inconsistent data integrity plagued their operations, leading to multiple audits and headaches. They struggled with data and data relationship management issues, including duplication and unnecessary replication of data.

The Solution

We stepped in to revolutionise Basics' data management. We engineered a streamlined process that encompassed everything from Product/Item creation and maintenance to print planning, product enrichment for the web, proof-reading, and the release of superior, enriched data content to both Basics' website and their extensive network of dealers. In addition, we implemented a robust digital asset management solution, ensuring efficient content management for customer websites and print media.

The Benefits

The results were transformative. Basics now enjoys a single, reliable source of Product/Item master data content. Data integrity for existing SKUs is centrally managed, eradicating inconsistencies and duplication. Print media generation has been expedited, thanks to up-to-the-minute Product/Item level data. This transformation has not only saved Basics time and resources but has also enhanced their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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