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Migration of Product data from legacy system to Informatica P360

Our business is constantly growing and evolving, and to improve the customer experience, we always aim at expanding our digital channels and innovations. We decided to migrate our data to Informatica, a modern data management tool. But importing our extensive data as quickly as possible was a tedious task. We partnered with Nvizion to onboard our entire business data. We now have complete, accurate and trustworthy product data across all channels, which has enhanced the customer journey. The entire item journey is automated, which allows us to process our products faster and get online quickly.
Project Manager


Coca Cola

The Coca-Cola Company is an American multinational beverage corporation. The firm manufactures, retails, and markets non-alcoholic beverages. They have now expanded their beverage portfolio to more than 200 brands and thousands of beverages around the world, ranging from soft drinks and waters, to coffee and tea.

The Challenge

Coca-Cola was looking for a partner that would be able to help them construct a Modern Data Management Tool to support their business needs. Once the Deal with Informatica was sealed and licenses were bought, Coke had decided to get things done by Nvizion and IPS as they had a tight timeline. Complex customizations were implemented in order to automate, derive, process and validate item creation and modification. Once the golden copy of data merged into master catalog, it’s eligible for consumption for 1WorldSync as well as for other downstream systems.

The Solution

Coca-Cola has grown and evolved tremendously over the years, and Nvizion has been a part of their digital journey all along. We worked with them to articulate a vision that helped create the right digital strategy. We were also involved in executing the strategy with them to create a right digital solution. In keeping with the current need & time, Nvizion Solutions had helped them to modernize Product Data Management and had hence onboarded entire Data into Informatica P360 which till date is the True source of Product Data.

The Benefits

Entire item journey was automated and well-handled using the task management system enhancing customer journey across all channels. Ensured that customers always have brand-sanctioned, consistent, updated product information at every touchpoint.