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ExperienceTravel Relies on N7 to Enhance the Digital Experience for their Website Visitors



Experience Travel

ExperienceTravel specializes in designing exclusive tailor-made trips and fills in the process from idea to trip in its own way. ExperienceTravel is the travel partner for travelers who simply know no boundaries. Their customers can count on a high-quality service, an incomparable level of quality and excellent knowledge of the countries and areas to be traveled.

The Challenge

When planning for a trip, travelers want to explore the options by first checking out beautiful images provided by fast loading websites. ExperienceTravel wants to provide a great website experience to their users without compromising on the image quality. Also, they wanted to predict pages that most likely are viewed in customer journey and proactively download those to the user’s device.

The Solution

Nitrogen’s innovative tiered micro-caching with blazingly fast 72 Tbps global premium network ensures that ExperienceTravel website delivers fast online experiences on the fly. Nitrogen's AI-driven image optimization allows ExperienceTravel to reduce image sizes, improve quality, and speed up application delivery, reducing load times as customers scroll through website pages. Nitrogen’s AI based Predictive Caching captures traffic patterns and gains better understanding of the user behaviour and suggests the user journeys.

The Benefits

AI Image optimization helped enhance the image quality and load the website pages faster. The website speed increased by 30%. Now the user journeys are predicted in a much better way and those pages are proactively downloaded to the user's website.
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