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With Nitrogen’s N7, India’s largest jewellery retailer Kalyan Jewellers saw 30% increase in website speed



Kalyan Jewellers

Having ventured into jewellery retailing in 1993, now they have over 150+ showrooms spread across India and GCC. With a deep understanding of local tastes & preferences, Kalyan offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs in gold, diamonds, precious stones and other precious metals.

The Challenge

Kalyan Jewellers, one of India’s largest Jewellery retail brand, having 150 showrooms across India and UAE, aims at enriching the online customer experience at each touchpoint. As stated in their mission they are “innovating constantly to eventually provide an unmatched experience in jewellery shopping.” And they want to ensure that their website performance is not compromised. Nitrogen (N7) uncovered previously undetected issues which were affecting their website performance. Third-party JavaScript caused delays in rendering the page by web browsers. And there was no control over it till now. Also, as they are now expanding to new markets across India as well as globally, they want to create a seamless user experience for their customers. 

The Solution

Instantaneous rendering of catalog and product detail pages has helped users to do instantaneous filtering, comparison, sorting, & searching on Catalog pages and find the desired product with ease. Now they can analyze, control and sequence the 3rd party scripts. Nitrogen’s AI based anomaly detection & alerts address situations before they impact user experience. As Kalyan Jewellers plans to expand to new markets, they hope to use this to identify long-term issues and create improvement measures.

The Benefits

Instantaneous rendering has optimized the performance of their online store and enhanced shopper's experience. Controlling 3rd party scripts has made the site faster, creates a consistent shopping experience and has increased online conversions.
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