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Zoro reduced the turnaround time for the product to be available in the market

As an eCommerce, digital-first business, our primary objective is to enable our customers to quickly find and purchase the items they need to build and maintain their businesses. We offer millions of products, and new products are added every day. It was tough to monitor the data quality and gain a holistic view of a product's lifecycle. Nvizion established a process and a workflow to update, enrich, enhance, and do quality checks on the product information. Now we can maintain high data quality, and Nvizion has made it easier for the stakeholders to find the required product information.
Data Steward


Zoro is an eCommerce company headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and sells business supplies, equipment, and tools—but it is much more than just a website. As an eCommerce, digital-first business, their number one goal is to make it easy for every customer to find exactly what they need to develop and maintain a successful business. That’s why they offer millions of products for every job—and they’re adding more all the time.

The Challenge

One of the major challenges was to migrate 3 million live products in the hosted MDM Product 360 with new products getting introduced every day. There was a need to impose restrictions and data quality before exporting the product information to the Rabbit MQ which will send the data to website. They needed to cleanse, consolidate and standardize the Product Master Data and to create parent products form the existing product. They also wanted to get an overall report of the lifecycle of the product from the day it got introduced in P360 till it was exported out of P360.

The Solution

Along with Informatica, Nvizion led and completed very critical migration of close to 3 million live products on the hosted solution of MDM Product 360 with integrated Supplier Portal to onboard new suppliers for onboarding data in P360. Nvizion helped automate the import process and sequence through Hotfolder configuration. Rabbit MQ was integrated with P360 with customized post processing step after import to split one single file into batches each containing 50 products. Customized MAM solution to onboard 280,000 Media Asset from existing system to P360 and trigger export to upload the media to new AWS server.

The Benefits

Reduced manual effort and the turnaround time for a product to be available in the market. A process and a workflow was established to update, enrich, enhance, and do quality checks on the product information. Supplier Portal helped the suppliers to upload data directly in P360 and Data Stewards or Data Managers do not have to perform any manual check. The business head can get an overview and the status of the live products which are in P360 or pending with teams. The MAM solution enabled automatic asset load in the AWS server that enabled them to perform checks and media engineering at their end.
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