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Product Data Management

Informatica PIM

Start small and grow fast by mastering business-critical data with Informatica P360 Solutions. No matter whether you are selling B2B or B2C, delivering engaging product experiences is a key success factor for your business. But quite often, product information is incomplete, fragmented, and inconsistent across different applications, siloed systems, business units, or channels. Designed for the enterprise, Informatica MDM-Product 360 helps deliver engaging product experiences and publish trusted, rich and relevant information that closes the sale across channels and digital touchpoints.

Informatica PIM
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Informatica PIM Features

Enhance Shopper Experience

Successfully publish trusted, rich, relevant product data to provide an engaging omnichannel product experience. Easily feed key sales and marketing channels, e-commerce systems, eMarketplaces, catalogs, mobile devices, or data pools.

Manage & Automate Workflow

Product 360 allows you to streamline collaboration, workflows, and processes, both internally and externally, to create and enrich great product content based on intuitive task- and role-based user interface, automation, and insightful dashboards.

Ensure Product Data Quality & Compliance

Product 360 comes with Informatica’s industry-leading data quality and governance capabilities, ensuring that all product data is standardized. Data stewards can use automated data validation rules and dashboards to make the right business decisions.

Easily Exchange Product Data

Streamline and automate the synchronization of product information through data pools, such as the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Within the Informatica p360 user interface, relevant product attributes can be shared with trading partners for data consistency, high data quality, and compliance.

Manage Complex Data More Efficiently

Informatica p360 lets you easily and efficiently handle complex product data in the format provided by suppliers, such as images, graphics, documents, audio files, or videos. Large collections of media assets can be managed centrally through a fully-embedded digital asset management (DAM) system or accessed through connectivity to external DAM solutions.

Increase Agility and Efficiency with Informatica PIM

It allows you to easily syndicates trusted, enriched, and high-quality product information to sales and marketing channels. With the right PIM strategy and a consistent, accessible source for product information, you can speed up workflows and time to market; quickly identify and assess product data quality issues; capitalization on emerging market opportunities; and ultimately deliver a positive product experience to customers.

Faster time to market

Increased brand loyalty

Cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Improved operational efficiencies

Better product data quality

Compliance with industry standards

Engaging, omnichannel product experience

Why choose Nvizion Solutions as Informatica PIM partner?

Manage complex product content across distribution channels and at scale. Informatica PIM – Product 360 provides direct integration with the b-synced GDSN data pool when using the GDSN accelerator extension for suppliers. By providing a fantastic customer experience and enhancing customer service touchpoints, Informatica provides its customers a way to transform their organisations and boost revenues. By integrating Informatica contact data quality services, it helps clients overcome their most pressing business problems and thereby provide value to their operations. With more than 20 years of dedication to excellent data, Nvizion Solutions, as Informatica PIM partner is the recognised market leader in providing cloud-based data quality services. Gartner has positioned Informatica as the market leader in data quality products for 10 years running.

Nvizion Solutions Advantage

These accelerators are our advantage

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ECCNet Data Fetch

Enabling companies to exchange standardized & synchronized supply chain data with their trading partners. speed product introductions and Cut down the cost of integrations

Auto Categorization

Automated the process to reduce the manual maintenance effort by having an automatic assignment of the styles to the Global Target Structure

Media Integration in PIM

Integrated client's media server with Informatica Media Manager and P360 application with media validation and derivatives


Designed BPM for data onboarding and translation for multiple languages using active VOS, data quality and task UIs on web client


Implemented custom PIM rest API for client’s ecommerce team who didn’t have direct access to PIM to update media data for Items

Custom Notification

Implemented server-side customization to notify message-broker like RabbitMQ on data import into PIM from source system

Web Customization

Customized PIM web user interface as per business user requirements including PIM login page, custom entity tabs and custom actions.