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We create a comprehensive project plan, map and migrate data, configure the PIM system, integrate with other enterprise systems, and support a smooth go-live process, ensuring client success.

PIM Implementation

Create comprehensive project plan

Develop a comprehensive project plan, including scope, timeline, resource allocation, and deliverables.

Data mapping and modelling

Conduct data mapping and modelling to align the client's existing data structures with the PIM system's data model.

Data migration

Plan and execute data migration from legacy systems or sources into the PIM solution, ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Configure PIM

Configure the PIM solution to meet the client's specific requirements, including data models, workflows, user roles, security settings, localization options, and customization.

Integrate PIM with other systems

Integrate the PIM system with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, e-commerce platforms, and digital asset management systems.

PIM Go-Live process

Provide user training, perform rigorous testing, and support the go-live process.

Success Stories

We transform the way people interact with your brand. Learn how we implemented a more modern and globally inclusive omnichannel shopping experience for the world class companies.

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